Curriculum and Activities Plan



Our curriculum plan is prepared by Funshine Express.  The monthly curriculum offers a blend of child-initiated and teacher-related activities. Each child is addressed socially, physically, emotionally and cognitively.  The curriculum helps to stimulate thinking, reasoning, decision-making, and problem solving.  It is designed for the 2-5 year old children.


Additional information can be found in the Parentís Handbook


The curriculum includes at least 12 or more age appropriate and creative art projects per month.  It usually is centered around 3 new themes per month, a color, 2 numbers, 3 letters and a shape. Our Daycare is spent doing various indoor and outdoor activities.  We try to focus on 6 different categories.


1.     Physical

a.      Fine Motor Skills

b.     Gross Motor Skills

c.     Sensory Experiences



2.     Social/Emotional


a.      Self-Esteem

b.     Interaction w/ others (cooperation)

c.     Problem Solving

d.     Following Directions


3.     Cognitive


a.      Language Experiences

b.     Listening Skills

c.     Space;Time

d.     Classification

e.      Math

f.       Knowledge



4.     Number/letter/shape/color activities

5.     Creative Expression

6.     Music & Rhythm