Over the years parents have been kind enough to express their feelings about the time their children spent at Judy's Daycare.  Here are a few excerpts.


Thank you for a thousand joys

Thank you for a thousand toys

Thank you for your wonderful care

Thank you for always being fair

Thank you for all of your love and concern

Thank you for all they learned

It is not easy to part

But we will keep your timeless gift in our hearts – ML




I have never felt more comfortable and safe with anyone when we drop off our children, I’m so glad we found you - AM




Thanks for taking such wonderful care of our son, I hope we can find someone as great as you in Walpole - JR




You are a special person who takes children into your home and treats them like your own, we got so lucky – DA




Thanks for taking such good care of our daughter and making her feel so loved.  VR




Thanks for all the great years of love & care you have given our daughters, they will miss you, but we will be back to visit – BP




You were sent from heaven, what more can I say – CM



It is so difficult to go back to work but knowing that they are with you who is so loving and caring makes the transition much easier, 3 kids and 18 years later. – MM



You’ve been the greatest, Judy.  Please don’t hesitate to use us as a reference.  Thank you for all of the love & lessons, hugs & kisses and your special mothering – CK



Thanks for being a “second” Mom to our son, he adores you. - JS



You have played such an important role in all aspect’s of our daughter’s life, and we know you will be greatly missed.  We want to thank you for all of your love, caring and support over the past few years.  We will be back to visit. – DD



We would like to take this moment and say Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the past 11 years. Your love, caring, teaching and support has helped shape our daughters into the wonderful young ladies that they are today.  It isn’t easy for parents to leave their children with an unknown person for the first time, but I can truly say that, after changing daycare providers three times after moving to Bellingham within a short span of time, we were very happy to find you !!  You have truly been a third parent – CD



You have cared for all 3 of my children over a span of 10 years and they still talk about you everyday and want to come and visit all of the time. JD



We want to let you know how very grateful we are to you for taking such tender loving care of our son through the years.  You gave such special attention to him when he sick, you helped me out as a new Mom, giving me guidance.  You taught our son how to share and interact with children both older and younger than him.  He looks up to you as his second mother.  Never lose that special gift in your heart for taking care of children. – CS



Thanks for taking such wonderful care of our daughter, she will miss you, but we’ll stop by to visit - JW

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