General Information




DAYS:              Monday - Friday


HOURS:            7:00 A.M. 庳0 P.M.


Child Care Rates:        See attached


MEALS:       I participate in a childcare food program, sponsored by Yours for Children, Inc

I serve well balanced, nutritious meals.  Meals and snacks are included in the childcare rates and are served at the times listed below, if you arrive after a meal, please make sure that your child has been fed.


                        Breakfast                                   7-8:30 A.M.

                        Morning Snack                           9:30-10:00 A.M.

                        Lunch                                        11:30-12:30 P.M.

Afternoon Snack             2:45-3:30 P.M.





I do not run a strict daycare. I do try to run a structured daycare. The children will have the opportunity to participate in the daily routine but not in a strict atmosphere. I feel they will have plenty of this in their school years.  It is more important for them to learn to be social and caring individuals.  During the course of the day, the children will be involved with various activities such as, storytime, sing-a-long time, puzzles, large muscle activities, individual quiet time, free play and TV.  The arts and crafts program that I involve the children in, is a nursery and pre-school program geared for the 2 1/2-5 year old.  It has been a highly successful program and extremely useful in preparing the children for the public school system.  The children that have completed this program have had outstanding reports from their teachers during their early school years, some whom have graduated with High Honors and above.



I am the mother of two beautiful daughters; Jennifer is 27 years old and is an RN working in Manhattan after graduating from the School of Nursing at the University of Massachusetts. Erin is 25 years old and is working at Children튈ospital in Boston in the Nuclear Medicine field after graduating from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy.  I have been a family daycare provider for 27 years and cared for over 200 children during my career.  I have attended numerous conferences, seminars, and support groups each year to further my knowledge in providing quality daycare.  I am certified in both CPR and First Aid.



My home has been thoroughly inspected by the Office for Children. All precautions have been taken to ensure your childೡfety needs.  The daycare is supervised at all times.



Caring for children is my choice of profession. I enjoy playing with them, talking with them, meeting their physical needs as well as giving them the love that every child requires.  My discipline is preventative, not punishing.  There is no physical punishment in family daycare.  The child is removed from the play area for a cooling off period, but not shamed or isolated from the site.  Courtesy and respect for others and their belongings are values I believe in and in turn, teach the children.






During my 27 years in Daycare, I have had to take time off to have my daughters (2 weeks) and to attend the funerals of my Dad and Grandparents.   I have never taken a sick day.  I feel my record speaks for itself.  In the event that I cannot provide daycare for whatever reason, I suggest that you have an emergency backup person that would be able to fill in on an emergency or for a pre-arranged day off.





Please take an interest in the daycare program and talk about the activities that your child was involved in that day.

Pick up your child on time so that my family༳pan class=GramE>needs can be met also. 

Notify me in case of illness and keep me informed of any medications and additional care your child may require.  I will care for a mildly ill child, please use your good discretion on this issue.

Fulfill the financial obligations as discussed earlier.

Bring your child appropriately dressed for both in and outdoor play, and provide an extra set of clothing to leave at the daycare.

Please do not send your child with candy or an extra snack, I will provide all of their meals and snacks.

Provide all disposable and or clothe diapers

When dropping or picking up your child please do not allow them to misbehave or run wild as this sets a bad example for the others.  They must remain in the daycare room at all times.

Most importantly, please be upfront and honest with me at all times. 


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Treat each other and your child with respect.  Communicate regularly about your childಥst, nutrition, new skills, fears, interest, and joys.



All registration forms must be completed.  Medical forms must be received within two weeks of the starting date.  Please bring a package of diapers or at least enough for the day or week.  Occasionally a child would like to bring a favorite toy or blanket from home; I would encourage this for the first few weeks.  Feel free to call me at anytime to see how we are doing. 




 Additional information may be found in the Parentȡndbook